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Early on in my transformational journey, I tried to enroll EVERYBODY in personal development. My friends, my family, my Starbucks barista… Whoever would listen.

It was a beautiful time and a lot of people signed up for courses, seminars, and coaching that dramatically changed the course of their lives– and I was proud to play a part in that.

But not everyone was onboard…

There were people close to me, whom I loved dearly, that just weren’t having it and were a hard “no” to the whole idea. The worst part was that these were the people I felt needed it the most.

I remember trying so hard to CONVINCE them: “This will change your entire life– how can you possibly say no to this?!”

Later (after many other humbling lessons) I was able to look back and recognize I was trying to FORCE this onto them when there was no opening for it… AND that I was really attached to the outcome of them doing a course.

At the time it was really challenging, but I learned an incredible lesson: You Can’t Force Someone To Help Themselves– THEY HAVE TO CHOOSE IT.

In time I decided to stop resisting their choice and to love them exactly as they were, rather than what I wanted them to be– and continue on with my own journey.

Then, many months later, a funny thing started happening… They started signing up for courses.

Not all of them, but some…

I learned they had been quietly watching all the changes in me and who I was BEING in the world, as well as the changes that were happening in others who had committed to improving their lives…

And seeing the path, they decided to CHOOSE it for themselves– something no amount of “convincing” could accomplish.

If there’s someone in your life you want to inspire toward action– BE THE EXAMPLE.

Drop your expectations and attachments of what they “should” do, love them exactly where they are at, be a stand for THEIR greatness– and while you’re at it, stand firmly in your own.

Do this and you’re paving the road for magic and transformation.

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