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If you’re having the experience of hating sales calls it’s time for a reset.

Getting on the phone and asking someone for money for your service really freaks a lot of people out.

Most people say they feel weird or slimy asking for money for the thing they love to do.

It DOES NOT have to feel this way.

In fact, your relationship to sales stems from 2 things

–> 1) Your belief in your value
–> 2) Your relationship to receiving

If deep down you really doubt the value of the service you provide you’re always going to struggle

If you have an internal story saying that “you aren’t worthy of receiving a lot of money for what you love to do” then money isn’t going to flow in for you either.

When I get on sales calls, I feel EXCITED.

I actually look forward to being able to help people, and as a result, sales feels fun and money flows easily.

How Can You Overcome These Setbacks?

1) Before each call, really connect the value of what you do and how DRAMATIC of an impact what you have could make in someone’s life

2) Visualize the call going really well before you get on. Not just visualize, but actually FEEL what it would be like if the call went smoothly and you were the perfect person to help the potential client

3) Drop all attachment to them signing up. This is a big one. Your discomfort is most likely stemming from your belief that if you don’t close the sale then you’re a failure… Take a deep breath, drop attachment, and go into the energy of “how can I best serve this person” before you enter the call.

I know some of these are easier than others…

But if you stick with these practices, over time you’ll change your relationship to sales, and once you drop the resistance, people will be able to feel it — and money can start flowing in more easily.

So drop the pressure and remember… you got into this because you loved it… So have some fun!