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I used to believe that an Epic life was all about…

Having a sweet car
Successful Career
Money in the bank
Luxury apartment
Designer clothes
Dating beautiful women
Lots of important “friends”

Because OBVIOUSLY when you get those things…

You’ve “Made It”
Champagne falls from the heavens
And Happiness, Joy, and Fulfilment
are magically yours Forever.

“When I just get THERE all will be better”

This is the story I believed.
This is the story most people believe.
So we hustle, and grind, and sacrifice
and neglect other parts of our life
in pursuit of this dream.

Then, one day, I got those things.
The car, the career, the clothes…all of it.

… And nothing changed.

No velvet ropes parted, no trumpets played,
no joy, happiness, or fulfillment was magically
bestowed upon me.

I had all the things a man could want––and felt empty.

This is a common PATTERN with high-performers,
because we all bought-into the same lie…
The Lie of The Destination.

Once we just get THERE all will be better.
“There” being any external goal we don’t currently have.
(Car, Money, Promotion, 6-Pack, New House, etc)

The truth is we don’t really want the thing.
What we want is the way we think it will make us FEEL.

Our Lives are a JOURNEY
not a destination we arrive at.
There is no THERE, only the right-here right-now.

Re-read that…
because you’ve probably heard it
before, but never really let it sink in.

The quality of your life is how it feels right-here right-now.
Not how it WILL feel eventually (hopefully).

I believe an Epic Life is one where you feel deeply…


(E.P.I.C — get it?)

When you feel empowered + passionate, can you best any obstacle?
When you feel inspired, do energy, ideas, and motivation flow easily?
When you feel connected + supported are your successes more fulfilling?

Yes, yes, and yes–– in fact, you feel unstoppable!
And when you FEEL Unstoppable you BECOME Unstoppable!

You have GREATNESS inside of you… and you know it.

An Empire to build
A Dream to realize
A Legacy to leave

And your time is NOW
Every second you waste doubting yourself or
waiting for the “perfect” moment,
the door to your dreams creeks shut a little more.

YOU can Have It All:
The Freedom
The Success
The Health
The Relationship
All of it…

AND be truly Fulfilled.

I’ve shared what an Epic Life means to me, and I’m curious…

What does an Epic Life look like for you?