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Cleaning my house today I stumbled onto an old pocket notebook from 2009.

Over the years, I’ve had dozens just like it. I used to carry one with me everywhere I went and fill them wall-to-wall with cool quotes, random to-dos, and ENDLESS business ideas.

Flipping through the pages I landed on a list of things I wanted to do in 2010. Right at the top was:

“Go to San Diego”

I wrote that 8 years ago while at university in Canada (most likely while at my fraternity house talking myself out of going to class because it was snowing).

Reading it today, while now sitting in my beautiful home in San Diego, it got me thinking…

Why have I always been pulled here?

As far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to live in Southern California. I dreamt about it, I told everyone who would listen about it, I just knew it was the place for me.

But why?

Logically, it made ZERO sense. I’d never been to California, I didn’t know anyone out here, I lived in another country and getting a visa was a BIG deal.

But it didn’t matter…

There was always this persistent little voice inside me that would whisper “Go to California”, whenever I got quiet enough to listen… and it didn’t care about the excuses.

Today, I know that voice to be intuition–– the BIG inner version of myself always guiding me towards things, people, and places that are in the highest good for my life and my soul.

However, back then I didn’t have language for things like that, or even believe in it. Intuition was hippie-stuff.

I believed wholeheartedly in the gospel of logic. Logic kept me safe, protected, in control––so if I couldn’t touch, taste, or see something, as far as I was concerned it didn’t exist.

I was so committed to being right about that rigid view of the world that it took me 15 years and my life hitting the point of “something HAS to change” before I listened to that voice and finally came out here.

As soon as I did, magic came back into my world.

–– Incredible friends began filling my life.
–– I met the woman of my dreams.
–– “Coincidences” beyond possibility happened daily.
–– 15 pounds fell off my body.
–– I started waking up excited and alive again.

I finally felt at home.

I’ve come to learn that not all things in life are logical–– in fact, few of the best things are.

This beautiful universe is actively TRYING to give you everything you want. It’s leaving clues and markers to point you in the right direction at every step.

Your only job is to slow down, notice the signs, and follow them.

What’s the most reliable sign of all?

That small voice inside you.

Maybe you call it intuition, or a “gut feeling”, or maybe you never named it at all, but we all have it.

You’ll know it because it’s message is simple, consistent, and encouraging.

You’ll feel lightness and peace in your chest and stomach while thinking about it–– even if what it’s telling you seems outrageous to your mind.

Summoning up the nerve to really act on that voice takes real courage, because the rub is it will only ever show you the NEXT RIGHT STEP… not the next 25 perfectly ordered and logic steps your mind will want.

But when you start listening and really go for it, miracles happen.

And, as someone who planned to come here for a weekend, and essentially never left–– I speak from experience.

What is YOUR inner voice saying to you?

And more importantly… Are you going to listen?