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I used to think that logic was the answer to everything. No matter what the challenge another tactic, book, or innovative idea would hold the answer.

I thought my MIND would always point me in the right direction. I could practically hear it saying “don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

Except it didn’t…

Sure, it was great for simple linear things like organizing my day, comparing cell phone packages, or doing my taxes.

But when it came to the BIG decisions– “Do I take this new job?” “Is it time to breakup with this person?” “What do I really want to do for the rest of my life?”– it was useless.

In fact, it was worse. When it considered these questions my mind would just start generating endless possibilities, potential problems and outcomes, pros and cons, etc until I was thoroughly confused frustrated, and so overwhelmed I would just give up trying to figure it out.

Then I discovered something profound. A MUCH simpler way to make decisions. Decisions where the answer is clear, instantaneous, and ALWAYS aligned with the highest good for my soul.

I simply started asking ” Does this decision feel HEAVY or “LIGHT”… and then listening to my BODY for the answer.

Your body has a direct connection to your soul– the BIG infinite part of you that knows exactly what’s in your highest good and what’s not.

Your body bypasses your mind and therefore isn’t subject to your ego– aka the ‘small you’ committed to keeping you safe by only doing familiar, certain, predictable things.

Starting to listen to my body for answers and source my OWN wisdom instead of always seeking external or ‘in my mind’ solutions was profound for me. I began getting my life back into alignment with my soul (and highest excitement), synchronicity started showing up, and my life looked like it was running on magic.

Next time you’re faced with a decision, get still, ask “does this feel heavy or light”, and see if your BODY tightens up or feels expensive… You’ll have your answer.

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